Welcome to the Gothic Shack blog. Gothic Shack is an Instagram account that I started in 2017 to showcase the houses and buildings that I find beautiful, intriguing, and important. As the interest keeps growing, I figured I would start this blog so that I can post even more photos, and in some cases more in depth history or writings about the houses I find. Also, reviews of places that I've gone to or stayed at that have strong visuals that I feel the world should know about (don't worry, I'm not trying to be some catty reviewer of hotels and restaurants...I will only post the positives). 

Obviously unless stated otherwise, none of the houses I post are my own. I live in an apartment in Philadelphia. I am simply someone who appreciates art, style, architecture, interiors, patterns, and I feel that I need some type of outlet to share all of the things that are inspiring to me.

(West Philly (fraternal) twin home)


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