House Drawings #2

So this is The Breakers, the largest and most extravagant of the Newport Mansions. It is a Vanderbilt house and was known as a Summer "cottage" in the Gilded era. Now run by the Preservation Society, the big old mansions are upkept to the highest of standards and are available for us to tour. It's crazy to think I grew up literally down the street from these places. After a while, you just get used to them being there and they just seem like something the tourists do. It wasn't until recently that I was like "oh yeah, the mansions!" and I started to go on tours here and there. I can appreciate them a lot more now as they are truly stunning works of art, the exterior AND interiors. Here's a little painting I did of one of the exterior sides of The Breakers....

Here's my interpretation of Gertrude Vanderbilt's flower wallpapered bedroom (my favorite room in the house).

I highly recommend checking out at least one mansion when you go to Newport.
And if you want to go big, go to The Breakers.


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