South Philly Outdoors

Here's our Philadelphia outdoor space. Not too stoked on living in the city recently, but this small 12x12 foot deck off the back of our apartment really helps. I've lived in several places in the city that have outdoor spaces, and I think this is my favorite. We're lucky to live on a tree lined street so in the Summer months we're pretty much blocked in by the tree leaves making the deck an almost completely private space. It also has an old roof on top, so we're shaded in from the sun and also protected from the rain. It's been somewhat of a challenge finding plants that will flourish in this space. Some corners receive no sun whatsoever, while 2 feet away will get direct sunlight for a few hours of the day. I've had to keep buying different flowers and plants throughout the season because some just don't survive (so you can see in photos how the overall picture changes here and there). The fern is always consistently flourishing. All of the decor is second-hand, except for the rug (I think I found on amazon a couple years ago).


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